Adobe MAX Creativity Conference Keynote 2018
​​​​​​​Presented in front of 14,000 people at Adobe MAX, the leading creativity conference. Demoed the newest features across the Creative Cloud in both InDesign and Illustrator.
Career Panel for Berkley Innovation Students 2018
Moderating Career Panel for AIGA EMERGE & Providing Portfolio Reviews 2018
A panel for a group of young professionals 0-5 years out of school from underrepresented backgrounds. I'll also be reviewing and providing feedback on their portfolios. AIGA EMERGE is an initiative built to engage and empower designers who are just starting out. 
Creative Leaders Series in Atlanta 2018
Career Presentation for Northeastern University Design Class in SF 2018
Career Panel and Breakout Group for non-profit youth project Ready, Set Connect! 2018 
Adobe Career Bootcamp panel at the MAX Conference 2017
Bootcamp is part of a series where Adobe inspires students to launch their careers by focusing on the stuff they don’t get to focus on in the classroom: their soft skills, like making great first impressions, taking chances, selling themselves and their vision. I was on a panel of creative pros talking to and taking questions from the students.
Project QuickLayout during Adobe's MAX Conference 2016
Presented Project QuickLayout at Adobe MAX, the leading creativity conference to more than 10,000 designers and creative professionals. Project QuickLayout is an experimental technology I helped conceive and develop. As part of the conference, Adobe unveils up to 10 projects in development to preview innovative technology happening around the company – called the “Sneaks” presentation.
Adobe Live - Creative Cloud Live Streams 2017-2018
The Adobe Creative Cloud team invites top creatives to engage with the creative community. Adobe's live streams feature artists who create illustrations, animations, videos and artworks live. I’ve been on as a host, as well as the designer creating live prototypes in Adobe XD. All past streams can be found on Adobe's Creative Cloud channel.
Live UX Design (3 Parts)
Hosting product designer Jeannie Huang as she designs & prototypes a service oriented web experience in Adobe XD 5.0
Live UX Design (3 Parts) Conceiving and prototyping new features of Adobe XD live on the spot. Over the course of 3 days we take feedback on the stream to help shape the future of Adobe XD.

The image on the right is an example of what a participant made during the workshop.

Adobe Type Club Workshop 2016
Led a workshop around a brief history of Hebrew, the evolution of it’s typography and the study of the structure of modern Hebrew letters. As well as a hands-on exercise allowing people to experiment with hand lettering, focusing on letterforms or creating typographic illustrations using shapes inspired by the Hebrew alphabet.
Career Panel for Girls Who Code students at Adobe 2016
Freestyle Academy Career Presentation and QA 2016
Freestyle Academy Alumni Panelist 2015
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