This project supports campaigns, programs, opportunities and stories that are tied together to empower Creativity for All. Our first launch was the Adobe x Keith Haring campaign which celebrated the artist’s legacy with a set of free Photoshop brushes inspired by his original chalk, markers, paint, and other tools.
We created a dedicated place in the Adobe Discover experience for diverse voices, where everyone can be inspired, learn, and share their creativity. This new platform highlights the voices of different creators, sharing resources (ex: scholarships and fellowships) and more. 

Creativity from women inspires creativity in women. Each week, we share the stories of inspiring women across industries, cultures, and geographies. 

Defined the strategy for logged out discovery
Creating more front doors. We don't want to just hide the good stuff behind log in. We can now showcase the breadth and depth of the CC ecosystem to our users, even before they log in. As users search, browse and discover pieces of content it leads them to deeper engagement.
Early value
Allow users to quickly access value logged out whether from inspiration articles, a campaign or free assets.
Inspiration to Creation
From these pieces of content we can add high value actions such as launching an app or adding to Libraries to help drive engagement. 
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