I'm grateful for opportunities I've had over the years like being a main stage keynote speaker at the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference, demoing new product features in front of 14,000 people. I also volunteered to help integrate technology into girl’s schools in rural Malawi, Africa. That same year I became a Northeastern Instructor teaching an intensive Experience Design course in SF, all while full time at Adobe. In addition, I'm a host on Adobe’s live stream, where the company invites top creatives from different fields (from graphic design to photography to video and more) to engage with the creative community. Definitely allows me to be more playful and chat with people from around the world.
Project Layout - Issued Oct 13, 2020 - US 10802664
Designing and Resizing Graphical User Interfaces - Issued Aug 31, 2021 - US 11106339
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